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WRT - WRTw - WRTe are decentralized currencies designed for users who value privacy and purpose.


WRTw Token

WRTe Token

Digital currency has no doubt taken over the reins of world financial activities. The transfer of funds across international borders, however, has been tasking as bank charges and seaming network protocols make the endeavour tiring, frustrating and often unsuccessful. Online banking has assumed the newest and most versatile medium of financial transactions, and as such, making it easier. Nevertheless, there exist some impediments that make it less desirable over time. The question of what the solution is constitutes the main resolve and reason for the launching of the Weigrate digital currency project. Weigrate is a financial eco-system that operates in digital coins, such as the cryptocurrency, helping traders and merchants alike to experience a seamless flow of funds in and out of their various niches on the platform.


The Weigrate economic system functions and operates three distinct, independent and digital currencies, which help the users on the platform to gather revenue from a vastness of financial activities. Cryptocurrencies no doubt, gradually are taking over the economic mainstay of the world, making to dwindle the usage of hard currency or cash. These three Weigrate cryptocurrencies are built and encoded with different blockchain technologies to diversify their functions and use. With these digital currencies, the Weigrate team sets to change the financial lives of customers, taking the better turnaround.


WRT WeigRate coin

WeigRate Blockchain
Coin main purpose - Mining, Trade
Total Supply - 2 500 000 000 Coins


WRT-Ethereum Token

Ethereum Blockchain
Coin main purpose - CryptoBids
Total Supply - 10 000 000 000 Coins


WRT-Waves Token

Waves Blockchain
Coin main purpose - Charity, Foundation
Total Supply - 5 000 000 000 Coins

WRT coin. Developed with a sophisticated blockchain technology unlike that of any other alternate coin, it uses a tier architecture to power its network and create a secure, decentralized and auditable financial environment for all users on the Weigrate economic system. The WRT coin is more suitable for mining, and less suitable for master nodes. Miners are investors who devote computer space and time to sorting through data blocks. Each of these blocks is interlinked by them with several others, creating what is called the blockchain. The tier architecture comprise miners who secure the network and write transactions for the blockchain. The miners’ layer receives rewards timely, and the leftovers are allocated to the decentralized budget system that is used for operations. It, therefore, means that the digital Weigrate team builds to open possibilities to get the digital currency for free.
WRT utilizes multi-algorithm mining support to improve security and provide equal distribution of coins to miners.

Total Coins

2 500 000 000

Supplied Coins


Total Blocks

50 000 000

Mined Blocks




Block Reward

50 Coins

Time Between Blocks

300 Seconds

Difficulty Retarget

Simple With Every Block



Network Hashrate

Hash/s – 10443167847



WRTw token. This cryptocurrency is waves based and proves to be more valuable during transactions to users just as the other digital currencies. The WRT token is a different unit on the Weigrate platform that is integrated mainly for its special purposes, which are the donation, financial transactions, exchange, investments and a great deal of others. This is interpretable terms, means that the WRT token serves as the main digital currency with which online payments are made. Donating with the cryptocurrency runs on the platform transparently and seamlessly. Investments, as a matter of priority for some sets of users on the platform, is made easy with the introduction and use of the WRT token. Exchanges are no less easy with the digital coin, making the entire financial processing on the Weigrate system seamless, transparent and decentralized.


WRTe token. It is an ethereum based token. Ethereum is a form of decentralized cryptocurrency that with the blockchain and mathematical algorithms embedded in the development, can run extensive and well defined smart contracts across international borders. The ethereum digital currency smart contract comprises applications that can function and deliver exactly as they have been programmed, without any sudden chances of downtime, overseeing or censorship, fraud or any intrusions from online and offline third parties. Ethereum is a very open-sourced, enterprise and blockchain-developed platform with smart contract functions that aid users to monitor and oversee their own financial transactions. In semblance to the altcoin litecoin and other digital currencies, the ethereum cryptocurrency has a wallet system called Ethereum Wallet which acts as a portal through which users can access a decentralized application software on the Ethereum blockchain. The WRTe is designed with the ethereum specifications and is used for the main purpose of the Weigrate system, which is the crypto bids. Nevertheless, as all other integrated cryptocurrencies function, the WRTe coin is suitable for the transferring of funds, along with the avenue to use some other payment options. With the coins, units will not be suited due to the fact that it will have a regular value of 1 token equaling to 1USD.

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