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Official blockchain network launch on
September 11th, 2017


WRTCOIN "WRT" : 255 000 000

Sales 0.013%

Distribution of WRT :
ICO - 242 000 000 coins
Bounty camp - 12 750 000 coins

WRTCOIN asset "WRTw" : 2 550 000 000

Sales 0%

Distribution of WRTw :
ICO - 2 422 500 000 coins
Bounty camp - 127 500 000 coins

WRT & WRTw is a decentralized currency designed for users who value privacy and purpose.

WRT utilizes multi-algorithm mining support to improve security and provide equal distribution of coins to miners.

WRT 10 Coins lot
September 11-20 30% Discount   WeigRate Coin is an independent  coin. Blockchain : Mining Pool : Coin  & Token Will be connected to Weigrate trade platform after ICO campaign Completed. ...
WRTw 10 Tokens lot
September 11-20 30% Discount   WeigRate Coin is an independent  coin. Blockchain : Coin  & Token Will be connected to Weigrate trade platform after ICO campaign Completed.   2017 NOVEMBER ...

Total Coins

2 500 000 000

Supplied Coins


Total Blocks

50 000 000

Mined Blocks




Block Reward

50 Coins

Time Between Blocks

300 Seconds

Difficulty Retarget

Simple With Every Block



Network Hashrate

Hash/s – 6619043513



WRT / BTC price

BTC / WRT price



What is WRT COIN

WRT coin is a very new Feature implemented by Weigrate Auction, It is a new scenario of making penny auction safer, faster, and more attractive.

Every cryptocurrency has it is destination, some of them has been created for trade only, some of them for investment some for other projects.

Wrt Coin & WRTw Token – has its purpose to keep and gain value of every coin, bring reliability and sustainability to a penny auction. Additional financial features and settings make this project unique.

Weigrate auction with its functionlaity and marketing strategies will create a powerfull supply and demand factors for this new coin – and this is most important factors in any economy.

Additionally, WRT coin is a very attractive investment option – all is because of project value. Cryptocurrncy give interesting opoprtinty to everyone who knows how to invest and work with cryptocurrencies. It means today users can purchase premined coins from this website and safe keep them until coins value will start growing.

It is safe and straight to use at Weigrate Auction

Exchange rates are indexed with world known trade platforms.

Because of coin purpose – exchange rates should be stable and grow every day.

PoW type – hardware miners , easy to use and get more coins.

Debit cards, credit cards, trade credit, provides additional trustability and income source.

It is closed circle – every user brings very important value sign into WRT coin evolution.

WRT coin provides additional way for product promotion via WeigRate.

Additional way to increase company turnover, personal capital.

And much more of other aspects.


What is the – WeigRate ?

WeigRate is a Penny Auction and Multi Vendors platform and much more features.

WeigRate is a very interesting option to safe a lot of money and still get what you want to get, from other side it is good option to attract buyers, sellers to post their goods/services for sale and promote it under interesting functionality of penny auction.

Penny auction is not a Gambling, according to UK Gambling commissions – if it is possible to control and understand when user has to bid and not to loose – then this is not a gambling. This is more like a prize wars because in same moment lot of users can bid on last reserved value and only 1 will be lucky to get an item – milliseconds will show who is a winner.

To make auction more reliable – integrated BIDs refund functionality , compromised auction cancelling and return of all bids in auto mode, and other features.

In any other ways, thank to crypto currency WRT – Weigrate Auction became safer, lower risk, more advanced and with new financial features.

WRT Coin & WeigRate Auction

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Real Estate

Penny Auctions

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